Everyone finds what they are looking for in La RochelleTout le monde culture, history, art, Muséum, beaches.

The hotel François Ier is the best starting point to discover the city of La Rochelle , walking or bycicling let yourself be enchanted by its history…

The central market located few minutes away from the hotel is a La Rochelle institution where we’d like to taste local products

The old harbour, 5 minutes walking from the hotel, the true heart of La Rochelle, from the quay Dupérré, pass under the tower of the clock, ancient door of the medevial fortress of the XVth century.
The tower still symbolised the passage from the old town to the harbour.
Walk along the large promenade and chill on one of the manies terrace, the best place to admire the famous towers of “La Lanterne” and “La Chaîne”.

Le quartier du Gabut with all its colorful scandinavian style houses, get on the big wheel and admire the unique point of view. It is also the starting point of the costal path that leads to the Minime harbour.

Le quartier Saint Nicolas, a former landmark of fishterman, it is now a trendy place, bohemian during the day, and festive during the night, you’ll find restaurants and designer shops of all kinds, the place not to miss !

Want some green ? La Rochelle has many parks, wich allow to cross the city far from the tumult.
Follow the Charruyer park and the Charles-Edouard Belmetrieux animal park with a small zoo and a playground, and arrive directly to the Mail district a place to stroll facing the ocean with all its magnificient 19th century villas.

Want some beaches ? Cross the Charruyer Park and its 2 km to reach the beach of “La Concurence”, or take the yelo shuttle from the old harbour,
direction of the “Minime beach”
The beautiful islands of Aix, Oléron and ré are a stone’s throw away , deaparture from the old harbour !

They are many things to do in La Rochelle, we stay at your disposal for any further information…