Visit Fort Boyard from the hotel*** François 1er

The history of Fort Boyard

Why is Fort Boyard called like this? The fort was built on the foundations of a sandbank called “longe de Boyard” initially located at a little more than 4 meters deep. This sandbank gave the fort its name.

The fort was originally built to prevent English ships from taking over the Rochefort Arsenal and the harbour of the Ile d’Aix. Work began in 1804 and was interrupted in 1809 following an attack by the English before being resumed in 1842.

The construction of the fort itself was finally completed in 1857. Fort Boyard was also called the “Fort of Uselessness” because it was never used for its original military role. Why was this? Simply because of the progress made in artillery during the previous decades. The symbolic fortress of Rochefort Ocean has had a very different destiny from that originally envisaged. Over the years, it has been used as a prison, has fallen prey to looters, has been bought by a private individual, has been used as a film set before hosting the filming of the famous “Fort Boyard” show.

IIt was in the 1990s that Fort Boyard experienced a second life in the spotlight. The concept of the show that we all know has been taken up by many other countries such as Japan, China, Canada, Sweden…

Visite du fort boyard à proximité de l'hôtel François 1er

How do I get to Fort Boyard?

Unfortunately, Fort Boyard is not open to the public and cannot be visited from the inside. However, it is possible to admire it from the sea.

While staying in your hotel in La Rochelle, approach the Fort Boyard and board the cruise boats for a trip out to sea. From the Vieux Port of La Rochelle, set course for Fort Boyard. During the summer season, many tourist boats set sail from the Vieux Port of La Rochelle. These boat trips also offer you the opportunity to visit the island of Aix, which is located near Fort Boyard.

From our hotel in La Rochelle old town, take a trip around this 68-metre long, 31-metre wide colossus of the sea. Sail as close as possible to this impressive fortress, which is famous for the game show.

You can also see the fort from Boyard Ville on the island of Oleron.  However, one of the best views of Fort Boyard is from Fouras-les-Bains. The town of Fouras gave its name to the bearded icon, the guardian of the fort: Le Père Fouras.

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Our hotel in La Rochelle old town, invites you to discover this emblem of Charente. As a couple, with friends or family, this is an unmissable excursion during your visit to La Rochelle and its surroundings.

Following this visit, the hotel*** François 1er, our hotel in La Rochelle with car parking, will welcome you in a warm atmosphere. Book one of our 34 fully-equipped rooms where you can rest after a day full of discovery. Our hotel has several suites and family rooms if you decide to discover the Fort-Boyard and La Rochelle in family.

Before taking the boat to Fort-Boyard, you can park your car in our hotel with parking in La Rochelle. Our car park in the centre of La Rochelle, near the Vieux-Port, is private and secure.