Through this article, the hotel in La Rochelle, the François 1er hotel, invites you to discover the famous island of Aix! Only a few steps away from our hotel in La Rochelle, you will undoubtedly spend a relaxing day there.

Let yourself be carried away to the island of Aix

The François 1er hotel has specially concocted a dream stay for you during your stay in La Rochelle.

If it is nicknamed “Little Corsica”, it is for a good reason. To visit with your family or simply for a day out with your partner, the island of Aix is THE destination you can’t miss.

Close to the port of La Rochelle and near Fouras (the BAC’s embarkation base), choosing a hotel in La Rochelle is the ideal place to stay to discover new horizons throughout your days.

This crescent moon, with a surface area of 129 hectares, hides an extraordinary heritage and many things to discover, each one richer in culture than the next. This island has a number of heavenly watering holes to refresh you.

In the low season, this small island has only about 200 year-round residents, but once the high season starts, the number of people visiting the island increases.

Just a few knots from La Rochelle, book your tickets from the port of La Rochelle, if you wish to cycle or walk from our hotel in the city centre. With a crossing of about an hour, and a guided diversions around Fort Boyard, you can choose to spend a day or half day on the island of Aix. Take a bike, which we can rent from our hotel, to ride around the island. The most courageous can walk around the island.

Alternatively, you can go to Fouras to take the ferry that goes directly to the south of the island of Aix in a few minutes. The driving time from the hotel François 1er to Fouras is about 20 minutes.

The François 1er Hotel: your programme for visiting the island of Aix

The beaches of the island of Aix

Need some rest and quiet? For the François 1er Hotel, your well-being is our priority. You won’t be able to miss the heavenly beaches on the island of Aix. We have thought of everything to make your stay a dream one…

From popular beaches to small coves with a Corsican feel and fishing beaches. We’ve got everything you need to feel good… And there’s something for everyone.

To delight everyone, the François 1er hotel offers you six of them:

  • The Baby beach, this little cove is aptly named, its turquoise water and its bowl shape transport you to the island of beauty.
  • The Sable d’or beach, a little crowded, you will find calm and serenity. The pine trees overhanging this small cove will cut you off from the noise. Close your eyes and you will be transported into a wonderful world.
  • La plage des Coquillages, you will have understood, its name is not insignificant… on this large beach you will find the most beautiful shells.
  • The beach of Jamblet, for the amateurs of fishing it is the ideal place. But not just any fishing. Fishing on foot, to the delight of children and adults alike. You can fish for crabs, clams, razor clams and many other shellfish.
  • The beach of Anse de Croix, small and in the prolongation of the fort of the Rade and offering a panoramic sight on the fort Boyard.
  • La grande plage or plage du Tridoux, the most popular, at the entrance to the island and next to the Pointe Sainte Catherine. It is the most popular beach on the island.

Colourful discoveries and a rich cultural heritage just a few miles from the hotels in La Rochelle

Let yourself be guided by the small atypical streets lined with houses, each more colourful than the last and dressed with their hollyhocks of different colours. Your hotel in the city centre promises you a little corner of paradise in the colours of summer, and this… all year round!

You will have the possibility, throughout your walk and for the most curious, to visit and discover various cultural heritages.

Enrich your culture on the island of Aix thanks to the François 1er Hotel

If you want to discover more about the history of the island of Aix, our charming hotel in La Rochelle tells you more about what you can visit:

  • 3 must-see museums: the Napoleon Museum, the African Museum and the Mother of Pearl Museum. These three museums are not to be missed and are rich in history. Their prices are quite affordable and vary around 4€ – 4.50€ per person.
  • 2 forts, Fort Lidéot, designed by Napoleon and located to the north of the island of Aix. It is located inland in the interior of the island. Fort de la Rade, located to the south of the island of Aix, next to the Pointe Sainte Catherine.
  • The church of Saint-Martin d’Aix, classified as a historical monument. It is rich in history and is located in the north of the island.
  • The lighthouse of the island of Aix

LThe lunch break that the François 1er Hotel recommends

Along the way you can enjoy places to eat. Different atmospheres for all tastes. From local, with small huts that you will find at the water’s edge and which propose oysters from Aix parks.
But also restaurants such as crêperies, brasseries and other types of restaurants of the same type. You will find restaurants both inside the island and on the seafront… As the island is small, the number of restaurants is still limited.

Otherwise, there is nothing to stop you from packing a picnic lunch on the water’s edge!

Where to stay to visit the island of Aix?

A hotel in La Rochelle old town, close to shops, restaurants, the port and close to the main roads, the François 1er hotel is the ideal place to stay. We provide bicycles (for hire during the summer season) to explore the streets of La Rochelle and discover the island of Aix by bike. You don’t need to look for bikes in the city… Our hotel in La Rochelle is at your disposal to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Don’t wait any longer to book your night, your weekend or your holidays at the hotel François 1er.